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Things you should know before starting a startup

Things you should know before starting a startup

Things you should know before starting a startup

There are many mistakes I have made in my business that I wish I would have never made. Today my business is achieving thriving success and providing service all around the world. But the scenario about a year ago was completely different. Some months my company was not able to make even 100 sales around the country. We couldn’t imagine there will be days where we will have thousands of sales each month from around the world. During this journey, I have been able to learn lots of lessons from mistakes or wrong decision making processes. But this year we are conscious of the deal we make and the way we process business. 

If you are a beginner, these tips will help you to get rapid success in a short period. 

Mindset: Having a growth mindset is important while running any kind of startup. When I started the business, I didn’t try to learn more about the business I am in. I was trying to operate the business with my old mindset. The world is changing every day and becoming more advanced. At the beginning of my startup service, I tried to do all the things by myself. From customer inquiry to delivering the service, everything was my responsibility. I had the thought that I will be able to do all the things by myself. Every night when I go home, I become more tired and after a month I start to feel super stressed. In comparison to the work, I was barely making any money. The worst thing was I was not able to give time to my family.

After having this kind of experience I started to put effort into learning ways to simplify the business. I hired people who can handle customer inquiries and respond to them in time. Hired delivery staff so that the client gets the product at the right time. After doing this for just a month, I realized the growth in company revenue. And most importantly I had less stress and more time for the family. So, if you are starting a startup try to hire people who can handle the difficult task and provide you time to think of company growth. As a beginner, don’t focus on making money, try your best to provide quality service to customers.

Promote: Whether it is from social media or startup pr agency, you need to focus on promoting your business every single day. Right now with the overwhelming content available around the internet, you need to find a way to stand out. When customers know you exist then they will come to you for an inquiry. Not investing in marketing or any kind of promotion, you will be losing the startup credibility.  This is another mistake our business has promised to never make. We have figured out ways to get a better return on our investment with numerous tires and failures. Now we have proven ways to market our product and make a customer returning a buyer. Make decisions about a great marketing campaign that will do justice to your service and leave a long-lasting impression. This will benefit your startup in numerous ways.

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