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The Brandon Mason Show, Trending in Entertainment

The Brandon Mason Show, Trending in Entertainment

The Brandon Mason Show, Trending in Entertainment

There are extremely few shows and channels with cast from not only experts but with real life experience. Considering the audiences, it’s necessary to hear from the authorities of the industry so they can be updated with the latest trends, upgrades, and challenges. The internet has become one of the best inventions for sharing information and they require people who can sit down with utmost personalities & provide knowledge.

Brandon Mason, founder of one of the fastest growing Sports Talk and Entertainment Groups is expanding his career and fan base. The former athlete and now American TV personality, sports analyst and entrepreneur is now trending with LIVE Sports Talk as he expands his enthusiastic media.

Silicon Valley Times recognizes Brandon Mason as one of the Top 10 Young Influential Entrepreneurs.

Because of his authentic & informative content, more than 130K people follow him on Instagram and other forms of social media. With that huge reach, he has been able to create awareness and provide value to millions of people around the world.

Hello Brandon Mason, we’re thrilled to have you on our media platform to talk about your adventure. Please tell our audience a little about you and your journey.

Brandon: I had one hell of an opportunity to grow up in a multi cultural background and experience life from a different angle. Not only did my family and friends push me to play sports but the true experiences of life create strength to keep fighting. The discipline from family and coaches kept me on track while chasing a dream on and off the field. I was fortunate to play college football and have a quick shot in the NFL with the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins but my knee injury held me back. It was all for the better because God put me in the path I needed to chase the world in media while connectings my sports background to create “The Brandon Mason Show.”

How do you feel being a host of sports talk instead of playing on the field?

Brandon: For me I believe everything happens for a reason. I was an athlete but I feel like life had a greater purpose which led me to become who I am right now. Hosting a show has helped me to become a better version of myself in many ways.

The perspective of looking at a game is different now. If I was still playing it would be harder to see through the fog and see the bigger picture. I feel like my life is just beginning and I have a massive opportunity to grow again which ironically feels similar to the game of football.

I have a true passion for all the things that are related to sports. That is why I wake up everyday with excitement to create more and more content. For me, there would be no other fulfilling career than “The Brandon Mason Show.” Being a spokesperson does require lots of research, valid sources and more. It’s hard work and time consuming but the results are always worth it.

Brandon Mason

How do you think The Brandon Mason Show helps the new athletes?

Brandon: I have seen many talented players not being able to get the recognition they deserve. Numerous individuals have left their careers because they don’t know where to start. There are many questions about sports that are not often answered. That is where The Brandon Mason Show comes in. I have documented my years of experience and now have the chance to invite current and former players on the show!

Most of the players don’t have time to learn how to promote themselves. Because of different algorithms, it can be overwhelming for athletes and may create a distraction from the training. I have mastered social media marketing and brand awareness through press and connections which has boosted my business as well as a personal brand. With the show, I can help educate people to achieve maximum visibility and become one of the most valuable players on and off the field. I own a platform listed on instagram under the SportsAgent handle which is the location for athletes that want to gain exposure with press and media.

Can you please give our readers a brief idea of the future of the sports industry after the pandemic?

Brandon: To be honest, the biggest concern over the last few years has been the negative impressions from politics. I’m not a big political person to open up these conversations in public but the pandemic definitely caused a feud. I believe the worst is behind us and players lost opportunities due to the pandemic but the world of sports learned a lot through the process. It will continue to grow and athletes will thrive.

It was great to hear Brandon‘s story and get tips from him. If you are looking for information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to him via his official website or Instagram.

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