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Roman Alexander Wellington Reveals New “Interviews With Titans” Book Series In This Exciting Exclusive Interview!

Roman Alexander Wellington Featured On The Cover Of The Silicon Valley Times

Roman Alexander Wellington Featured On The Cover Of The Silicon Valley Times

In This Silicon Valley Times Exclusive Interview & Special Edition Publication:

The Silicon Valley Times is excited to finally share with our readers, that it has secured this exclusive interview with Mr. Wellington, in which, he will finally announce the release details of his highly anticipated new book series, for the very first time.

The team at The Silicon Valley Times would like to thank everyone in Mr. Wellington’s team who helped make this interview possible, as well as Mr. Yusuf Saleh (Mr. Wellington’s personal photographer) who was able to arrange our editorial photos on such short notice.

We’d also like to thank Mr. Wellington for graciously inviting us into his home, making us some killer martinis, and for sharing his exciting plans for the future with the Silicon Valley Times readers.

Meet Our Featured Guest:
Meet Roman Alexander Wellington

Roman Alexander Wellington is an American business magnate & entrepreneur, best-selling author, and is ranked as one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in the USA.

Roman Alexander Wellington Sitting In Front Of Piano

Nearly 20 years after starting his first business (at only nine years old), Mr. Wellington has founded nine additional companies, comprising dozens of brands in various industries, including Book & Media Publishing, Fashion, Digital Marketing & Public Relations, Business Education & Consulting, Travel, and more.

Mr. Wellington has also authored over 20 books on the topics of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, brand building, and leadership; including the critically acclaimed “Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success” series.

Roman Alexander Wellington brings an elite level of strategic knowledge & experience when it comes to digital marketing, brand building, and Public Relations. Any business or brand that’s looking to rapidly grow to the next level, should have him on speed dial.

In addition to private consulting (his personal passion), Mr. Wellington currently serves as the Chairman of Wellington Industries and is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wellington Press, ElysianDigital, & ElysianMed.

Thank you for sitting down with us today Mr. Wellington, we certainly have a lot of exciting things to cover.

First, for our readers who may not know you yet, could you please give us a little background info about yourself, and how you started your businesses?

My pleasure. I appreciate you guys coming out.

As for my background, it’s primarily in Digital Marketing and Public Relations. I’m actually a second-generation Public Relations Specialist, with my mother being a PR specialist before me.

Roman Alexander Wellington Pouring A Martini

As for my companies, well I started my first business when I was nine, with my first official company being a Digital Marketing and Public Relations Firm. Since then, I have launched two additional Digital Marketing and Public Relations firms, with ElysianDigital being a broader firm taking on many different industries/verticals, and ElysianMed specializing in Healthcare exclusively.

I’ve also founded several non-marketing-related companies & brands over the years, including indie publishing house Wellington Press.”

Wow. I don’t even remember what I was doing when I was nine, but I definitely wasn’t starting any businesses.

haha yeah, I definitely didn’t have a lot of the ‘typical’ interests for a kid that age, but it’s what excited me and made me happy.

I was raised in a very entrepreneurial household, so it really wasn’t that strange for me to be honest. I mean I still did some ‘normal’ kid stuff, but if you had given me the choice between playing a video game or reading a new business book, I’d choose the business book.”

Over the years, you’ve founded several highly successful companies and brands. Where did you get the ideas for these companies?

Well, the idea to start my first Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm came from wanting to start a full-time business; but being considered too young to be taken seriously in most industries.

At the time digital marketing was still extremely new, and suddenly being the ‘young kid’ became a huge benefit. Instead of it being well he’s just a kid, what does he know? it became, well let’s just let the kid handle it. He knows about all that weird computer stuff.

It gave me the opportunity to enter the space, and once my clients saw my work ethic and ability to perform, my age quickly became a non-issue.

Since then, I founded my other companies due to specific needs I observed in certain markets, or markets where I knew I could significantly improve upon the products or services currently offered.”

So, you essentially just saw a need or a way to improve on something one day, and said, ‘Hey, I think I’ll start a new company for this’, and that was it?

Roman Alexander Wellington Sitting At Piano Looking Towards Camera

“I mean, that’s a pretty over-simplified version”, he said chuckling “and there’s a ton of other factors like market research, feasibility studies, product/service development, etc. that go into it … but yeah, that’s essentially how it happens.

I see the need, think about if I can fill that need and how, and then I go from there. I’d say maybe 1 out of every 500 ideas comes to fruition, but that’s all you need in this life. One idea that works out. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had several ideas work out.”

Well, it’s not just companies you’ve created, I believe you’ve also written about 20 books on various business topics as well, correct?

“I think it’s closer to 30 or 35 at this point, including the Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success series, but yeah, I’ve written quite a few.”

Well, you are about to release a new series, but let’s quickly touch on the ‘Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success’ series, because that series is a phenomenal resource for new entrepreneurs. Where did the inspiration for the series come from?

“Yeah, the success of the series has been great to see. Honestly, the inspiration for the series came from me thinking back to my nine-year-oldself, and thinking how much easier things would have been if there was some more ‘beginner friendly’ reading material. Something that would simplify certain topics down to just the most important points.In other words, here’s Point-A, you need to get to Point-B, and here’s how you do it.

Wellingtons 5 Minute Guides For Success Series Image

That’s when I realized there are a lot of other aspiring entrepreneurs out there who were probably wanting the same thing. So, I figured, instead of just wishing those types of books existed, why not just write them myself.

And that’s how the Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success series was born.

The series is meant for total beginners, and were kept very simple for that reason. Most of the entrepreneurs who read the books are just starting out, and just trying to find their footing in the basics. Although, I have had more experienced entrepreneurs who have read the books, especially The 5-Minute Guide To Personal Branding, and written to me to tell me they learned something new.

So, I guess the books can help no matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey someone may be at.

As long as whoever reads them, walks away feeling like they’ve learned something new, that’s all that matters to me.”

That’s fantastic and I’m sure there are a lot of new entrepreneurs who are very happy you came to that conclusion. The books are exclusively available on the Wellington Press website, right?

“No… Well, yes you are correct, they had been exclusively available on the Wellington Press website up until now, but we actually just launched all of them on Amazon and GooglePlay. We’ll be putting them up on other distributors soon as well.”

Ok, so I think we’ve kept the readers waiting long enough. Are you ready to talk about it?

“Yup, let’s do it.”

The rumor is that you’ve been working on a new book series, but you’ve been extremely quiet about it so far. Can you finally confirm for our readers … are the rumors true?

Haha … YES! God, keeping this thing under wraps has been a nightmare.

But yes, I am releasing a new series that I’m really excited about, which will be available on May 25th, 2022; and the series is called …

Interviews With Titans

Well first, congratulations on the new series; and second, what an awesome title!

“Thank you! I’m just excited to finally be able to talk about it.”

Well, don’t keep our readers in suspense! What can you tell us about it?

Well, the purpose of the series is to help entrepreneurs discover, and learn from, the successful entrepreneurs that they haven’t heard about.

The tagline of the series is, ‘You’ve heard of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet … but what about the hundreds of CEO’s, Founders, Millionaires, and Billionaires … that you haven’t heard of?

Interviews With Titans Book Cover

Who are these Titans of Industry?

…and what are their stories?’

I run two highly successful Digital Marketing and Public Relations firms. As such, I have met a lot of entrepreneurs, that have amazing stories and achieved incredible success, across a wide array of industries.

The problem, however, is that most of them are so focused on their businesses, that they don’t have time to do interviews, speak, or really take the time to share their stories.

I had been personally inspired and encouraged in my own entrepreneurial journey by many of these Titans, and I realized I could use my platform to help share that inspiration with other entrepreneurs.”

You bring up inspiring other entrepreneurs with such passion in your voice. Why is that so important to you?

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path.

Anyone who chooses to brave that path, faces a lot of disappointments, challenges, and self-doubt. It can be a very lonely life for most, as their friends and families usually have a hard time understanding their desire to ‘break the mold’ and do something new.

Roman Alexander Wellington Sitting At Piano

So, it is critically important that entrepreneurs keep themselves encouraged, and find sources of inspiration. One of the best ways to do that, is by reading about and learning from, other entrepreneurs who have already traveled the path and found success.

Bill Gates, Musk, Buffet … they’re all inspiring, no doubt. But what they have done seems unattainable to most entrepreneurs. Like they are the ‘exception’, and not the rule.

With this series, I hope to change that perception. I want to give a platform to the many, many entrepreneurs out there who have achieved phenomenal success … becoming Titans of their industries … who’s stories can serve to inspire a much broader audience, in many more industries.”

That’s such an awesome idea, and I think especially now, it’s more needed than ever. Can you share with us how the series will work?

I absolutely agree. These past few years, entrepreneurs have had to face some incredible challenges, myself included. So, I think one of the greatest benefits entrepreneurs will get from this series is knowing they aren’t alone in their fight for success, and that there have been many other entrepreneurs who came before them … who faced struggles of their own … and overcame them.

As for how the series will work, it’s being released in a series of exclusive interview-style ‘shortreads’.

I didn’t want some novel or full-length biography.

Most entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to even take lunch during the day, let alone sit down and read some 250-page book.

I wanted to create shorter books that a new entrepreneur could read during the hour going to and from investor pitch meetings, where it could inspire confidence before the meeting, and provide encouragement after that meeting whether they succeeded that time or not.

Or allow the already successful CEO, who may be wondering ‘what’s next’, to find some new inspiration during the one hour of quiet they have on a plane ride.”

Well, speaking as someone who can barely find an extra moment to breathe during the day, I love the idea of doing a ‘short reads’ style series. How will the books be released?

“The plan is to release a new book, or ‘Titan Interview’, each week.”

And where will they be available?

“Amazon, GooglePlay, Apple Books, and a few other retailers.”

Well, you were kind enough to give us a sneak peek of the first few books in the series to review, and we told you that we would let you know what we thought in this interview…

“Well, now I’m the one waiting in suspense … give it to me straight. What did you think?”

We absolutely loved reading the interviews, learning about these different Titans of industry, and especially discovering how they got there.

We think a lot of entrepreneurs will find inspiration and encouragement from reading the stories of these Titans, and we will absolutely be recommending the ‘Interviews With Titans’ series to our readers!

Wow. Thank you. Thank you so much.

You know, a lot has gone into getting this series made. So, it really means a lot to me to hear that you enjoyed them, and found inspiration in them!”

Can you tell us where our readers can learn more about the series, and keep updated?

Absolutely. We have a VIP Pre-Release List, and we have some massive giveaways planned for anyone who signs up before the launch … really, really cool giveaways.

We’ll also be opening up some Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) slots, where those selected will get to read the first couple of books in the series, before they are released publicly. However, only people who have signed up for the VIP Pre-Release List can enter the giveaways or be offered an ARC spot. The Giveaway starts on April 25th.

*Readers can find all the info at

Well, consider our interest piqued. Can you give us an idea as to what some of the giveaways might be?

Well, there are a few, but one of them will be the chance for one of our entrepreneur readers to be featured in their own Interviews With Titans book.

Well, also be giving away 100 copies of the first book.

And the Grand Prizes of the giveaway are two Public Relations packages from my firm, worth over $20,000.”

Wow, that’s definitely going to get a lot of people very excited! Well, Mr. Wellington, we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today, and wish you much success with the “Interviews With Titans” launch!

“It was my pleasure. Thank you!”

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