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Michael Beas Disrupting The Media Industry

Michael Beas Disrupting The Media Industry

Michael Beas Disrupting The Media Industry

To have a vast knowledge about an industry and thrive on it, requires immense passion and dedication. Being successful is not a one-time thing, it demands continuous learning and a proper decision-making mindset. Numerous people get overwhelmed while running a business and don’t know how to handle the advertisement, sales, meetings, management of the team, and more, which often results in chaotic companies and eventually leads to failure. Only those individuals who overpower fear and pursue passion with firm determination can accomplish the dream & vision.

Enter Michael Beas, Founder of Raver Magazine & Atlas Elite Publishing Partners. He is also an author, speaker, and global leader in finance, publishing, and brand management. Michael has more than 12 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies before starting his own business. Because of his unconventional thinking, remarkable work ethic & expertise, he has established Raver Magazine to be one of the biggest dance music magazines in the country. 

Raver Magazine is a revolution in the music industry, and the viral content is reaching millions of readers every month. Because of  Michael‘s innovative & motivational work, Silicon Valley Times has recognized him as one of The Top 10 Entrepreneurs in the Media Industry.

Michael Beas

Michael has interviewed numerous influential personalities from all over the world and provided regular valuable insights to the audiences. His companies are making an astonishing impact. He is also the CEO of Ebook marketing solutions, where his mission is to produce bestselling books through a unique algorithm he created. He has personally rebranded more than 1,000 books and made them the bestsellers in different categories within a short period. 

Michael loves putting in all his effort and is always active to share information that can change people’s lives in any way possible. He has written and published more than 7,000 articles sharing necessary information that supports a successful career, digital marketing tips, Fintech, Innovation, use of different media platforms, SEO, and many more. What’s impressive about Michael is that he is committed to helping writers and music producers to grow and become unstoppable. 

For new authors who don’t know how and where to start, Michael & his companies can help to get effective results. Not only can the authors have a successful book, but the strategies will also help build a brand & gain worldwide recognition. 

Michael believes every author has a story to tell, and his platform welcomes all the unheard voices to tell the story & tap into a global audience. For high-quality, interesting & entertaining content, he’s one of the best in the industry.

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