Soumya Saxena, Madam fortune

Soumya Saxena, Madam fortune

Starting a company is a difficult task and in the time of lockdown, it would seem unimaginable to most. Numerous businesses went bankrupt along with employees facing a financial crisis. Rarely anyone would dare to launch a business when a pandemic is going on. Not to the CEO and Founder of Madam Fortune, Soumya Saxena who says…. 

She has a remarkable story as an entrepreneur and has already sold hundreds of orders before even launching the business. Her company Madam Fortune aims to provide luxury fashion and lifestyle products at affordable prices with an aim to beat high-street prices around the globe. The business is officially getting launched globally today, 1 October 2021, the date which is a tribute to Soumya’s late grandmother, Rameshwari Saxena’s birthday. On launch day, Madam Fortune will provide worldwide shipping and aims to reach customers who are…

Soumya Saxena, Madam fortune
Soumya Saxena CEO Madam fortune

In an exclusive 60 minutes business interview with Silicon Valley Times, the Instagram and TikTok star mentioned that she believes everyone should have access to afford luxury and quality products. With Madam Fortune, her mission is to make luxury and a life worth living affordable for everyone. Made in London, MF offers exceptionally reasonable shipping prices with free shipping for orders costing more than £35 (that’s roughly $25 USD).

“ I think it’s incredible how unique every entrepreneur is and how we choose to form the identity of our businesses. For me, Madam Fortune and all my businesses to follow in the future have to be eco-friendly. I cannot put my name against anything that harms the only planet which we call home. This key discipline will reflect consistently in the decisions I make for Madam Fortune in the years to follow. ”Soumya Saxena

Soumya mentioned “My number one priority is comfort and a sense of safety. We are a generation which leads busy and stressful lives. I want MF to be more than just a fashion and lifestyle company – I want it to change lives.” To purchase from a store knowing you are paying the best price available on the high-street is the sense of safety which MF aims to bring to the table. 

Another top priority is ‘to make the world a better place for the women after us.’ Madam Fortune is a women-led small business, based in the heart of London UK, with the Madam Fortune headquarter based in the City of London. When customers buy from Madam Fortune, the company’s Founder and CEO claims that the products make customers feel aligned to their wellbeing. The global launch is tonight at 9 PM BST, 1 October, 2021 at 

To get in touch with Madam Fortune, the socials are @MadamFortuneOfficial across Social Media. The Founder, Soumya Saxena can be contacted directly via the Madam Fortune website at