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Jeff Lopes, Business Coach And Author of Entrepreneur Dad

Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes

Early Feb/2021, Jeff Lopes, a proud father of two, husband and serial entrepreneur, released the book “Entrepreneur Dad”. Within the first week the book has become a number 1 seller in 11 categories on Amazon. Entrepreneur Dad: 7 Keys to successful business and a happy life; will help you support, analyse and find solutions so that you can spend quality time with your family while running a business successfully.

The basic information about a business can be found all around the internet but to tap into exclusive secrets it’s necessary to have human connections. This can be in a form of consulting calls or online courses, the step-by-step guide is needed to accomplish the desired goal. Meet Jeff Lopes who understands the importance of a mentor in business as well as in balancing family life. There has been a huge gap between entrepreneurship and fatherhood. To fulfill the space with proven strategies, Jeff has launched a course Mans Purpose; a brotherhood for entrepreneurial dads. This platform offers strategies and processes of building a successful business, while being a present father and partner..

Jeff Lopes is a Toronto-based serial entrepreneur and business coach, who has made his influence all around the world. He is actively helping father entrepreneurs to strengthen their relationship with family along with building a thriving business. Managing a business is challenging as well as running a family but with the support of an experienced coach both can be handled in harmony. As a father entrepreneur, it is essential to find a way to earn passive income so that an individual doesn’t have to trade time for money.

Every family has expectations and gives special roles to a father. The stereotype of a father is to take care of financial security by working all day long and spending time with the family at the same time. Many times expectations and mental pressure play a big role for dadpreneurs. They are scared to fail or make anything wrong. It is fundamentally important that the family finds ways to communicate and address all the challenges, opinions, and fears. With having the support of colleagues and family, it becomes easier to fulfill the tasks a father and entrepreneur has to face.

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