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Interview with Martin Owens, Co-Founder & CTO of Scrybe Streaming

Interview with Martin Owens, Co-Founder & CTO of Scrybe Streaming

Interview with Martin Owens, Co-Founder & CTO of Scrybe Streaming

You hear about Wazniak and Jobs and some of the great partnerships of individuals who have done amazing things. Scrybe Streaming, the latest content streaming application to join the app stores, seems to have that team.

Aside from being an industry leading sound engineer, Martin Owens has been involved in a number of ventures surrounding the music industry. From a multitude of recording studios, websites like and sitting on the board of indie labels and digital marketing agencies, his latest venture with Scrybe Streaming he is claiming as the most game changing.

How did you find yourself involved so early with Scrybe?

Scrybe is the brainchild of my business partner, Christian Phyfier. When he described the business model to me I was all in immediately. Christian and I have been in business together for quite some time now and I have come to have faith in him when he says he has something that will “change the game” and , true to form, Scrybe did not disappoint.

What attracted you to the project?

The promise of what Scrybe can do… This app really does have the potential to change the music industry! How often does one have a chance to be part of something that can change lives for the better? I think (no, I hope) many would aspire to do so, but how often are they actually faced with that opportunity? Of course, the financial aspect of it is appealing also, but the fact that we would be making a real difference makes it that much more rewarding.

Martin Owens, Co-Founder & CTO of Scrybe Streaming

What is your vision for Scrybe and where do you see it going within the next 5 years?

I would like to see Scrybe succeed where so many other music industry conglomerates have failed. I would like to see it recognized for exactly what it is. An industry disrupter!! Scrybe can level the playing field for the artists. Gone will be the days of coming off of a months-long tour to find that you only have a few thousand dollars in your bank account. The goal is to see artists achieve financial independence through their music.

What is your personal initiative behind Scrybe, what’s its purpose mean to you?

I want to do everything in my power to see Scrybe continue to grow. Christian and I are in constant contact and we are always bouncing ideas off of each other to make sure we continue to innovate. There is so much more to come not only with Scrybe the app, but with the multitude of business opportunities Scrybe will generate. Just wait and see!

After years in the music industry and being an audio engineer, studio owner and artist, what are some of the biggest changes you see the industry needs?

One word… SCRYBE!!

Keep up with the Co-Founder Martin Owens on his Instagram : Mott DMusic

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