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Y.O. Chizz Disrupting The NFT World With Neighborhood Tales

Y.O. Chizz Disrupting The NFT World With Neighborhood Tales

Y.O. Chizz Disrupting The NFT World With Neighborhood Tales

There are only a few people in business who get excited to experiment with innovation. Many business owners don’t want to push themselves hard enough to create something new and better for the customers. That is why most revolutionary ideas and products are often created by entrepreneurs, not business owners. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of change and willing to take any risk to bring the vision into reality.

Meet Y.O. Chizz, one of the successful visionary tech entrepreneurs. He is also an artist, investor, innovator, and creator of Neighborhood Tales. He understands the importance of advancement in tech for the economic growth of individuals and countries. What’s most impressive about Y.O. Chizz is that he is active in making people aware of the benefits of Fintech, NFT, and the need for future technological growth. 

Y.O. Chizz’s story has been shared by numerous international publications and the impact he is making in the tech world is remarkable.

Because of his astonishing work, Silicon Valley Times name Y.O. Chizz, one of The Top 10 Tech Entrepreneurs Of The Year 2022

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Y.O. Chizz to our media. Here are some of the questions we asked. His answers are very insightful and will help our readers to know more about him and his work. 

What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Y.O. Chizz: I guess the core of my entrepreneurship is fueled by my rebellion. I’m not a fan of conformity and repetitiveness. I don’t like to be told what to do, and I most certainly don’t like to ask permission. I also like to create a way for myself to thrive. Opportunities that are given from outside parties are great, but there is a certain level of satisfaction that is obtained when you get it out of the mud. I want to create and share my vision with the world while I’m here, I couldn’t figure out a way to do that working a 9-5. 

What is Neighborhood Tales all about?

Y.O. Chizz: Neighborhood Tales is an NFT collection of 10,000 survivors from the Liberty Isle Experiments conducted by Steven “Caesar ” Press and Genmod Inc. That’s 10,000 Patriarchs and Matriarchs from various, diverse Neighborhoods in Liberty Isle, who have escaped the clutches of Genmod Inc. and fled to the outskirts of Liberty Isle. They remain there until their offspring are born, at which point they will band together to recapture Liberty Isle and overthrow Caesar (The supervillain). So basically it is an NFT collection that allows you to take your first generation avatars and breed them to create 3D in-game playable characters. Within Liberty Isle (The capital of the Neighborhood Tales metaverse) players can choose to play in 3 different game modes. Story mode allows the players to attempt to conquer Caesar in Story Mode 1.0. Builder mode is for creative players that wish to purchase vehicles, clothing, real estate, etc., and customize them to keep for themselves or sell on the open market. Lastly, we have a rogue mode where chaos is the natural way of life. This is for players who want to gamble and earn more passive income by taking other players’ currency or possibly losing it to another player. It’s also beneficial to those who aren’t into gaming. You can rent your neighbor out to a gamer that was late to the party for a fee, and they also have to give the owner a percentage of their in-game earnings. 

Every item in Neighborhood Tales is an asset. Your vehicle is a NFT, your house is a NFT, your clothing is a NFT, your weapons are NFTs. All of these can be customized and resold on the secondary market. Last, but not least. The tokens that you earn by playing in Liberty Isle is actual crypto currency. These aren’t tokens that remain in the game and can only be used for in game purchases. These tokens can be transferred to external wallets and traded for other crypto currencies. This is one of the many ways players can benefit by owning a first generation Neighborhood Tales NFT.

That sounds exciting, when can we expect a release? 

Y.O. Chizz: We are aiming to release the first-generation Neighbors before the summer of 2022. However, we are more so focused on quality and functionality than anything else. We won’t compromise the quality or integrity of this project to rush a date. We aren’t in the business of cutting corners. But if everything goes as planned, we are looking at releasing this April or May.

Where can the people reach you and do you have any final words? 

Y.O. Chizz: You can follow me on Instagram (@yahonlychizz) or Twitter (@imyoungchizz). Please be sure to follow @neighborhoodtales on Instagram, join the official discord, and visit the website Big shout out to everyone on the team working hard to make this happen (Trizzy, Raheem, Life, Justin, Jordan, Solomon, Charnice, Munj). Shout out to MTU Baron Davis and Flip, and  Karman Line. Neighborhood Tales is coming soon and XODS forever.

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