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Becoming relevant in today’s era of change and innovation is quite possible however staying that way has never been more difficult. Consumers are always looking for better products, customized to their specific needs and expectations. Seeing how the world of in-store shopping has been overthrown by a COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for digitalization of the retail industry. According to IBM’s U.S. Retail Index, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by about five years. A lot of businesses are rethinking and implementing different ways to conduct trade trying to increase customer satisfaction with products customized to their specific needs and expectations. That is why Larimelle – a premier sleepwear and resort wear brand decided to implement change.

The luxury brand has realized that the e-commerce industry needs innovation, especially realizing the future of retail requires overcoming the complexity of current pandemic times. They are the first luxury sleepwear and resort wear brand from Dubai to partner with MagicWeaver a company providing accurate, remote 3D human body modeling and measuring solutions. According to Larimelle’s founder, Sara Rewinska 3D smart sizing is a great invention, allowing clients to customize clothes and purchase the best garment size, all from the comfort of their homes. The sleepwear brand values style and elegance but also realizes the importance of the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. That’s why they are committed to producing more environmentally-conscious goods and are a big advocate of the slow fashion movement. Every one of their garments is ethically manufactured concerning people, the environment, and animals. As huge advocates of the zero waste sustainability movement, implementing MagicWeaver’s 3D smart sizing seems to be an excellent option. By offering products tailored according to customers’ sizes, Larimelle is providing an online space for people to shop knowing their impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. 


To minimize the direct effect on the planet and automatically recommend the most accurate apparel size, MagicWeaver uses their proprietary 3D computer graphics engine combined with Artificial Intelligence and neural networks. The uniqueness and genius of MagicWeaver come from its simplicity and accuracy on the customer end. Realistic fully rigged 3D body models come just from 2 photographs providing quick and accurate body measurements at the same time increasing customer satisfaction with the product. 

Larimelle and MagicWaver are the pioneers in modernizing the retail e-commerce industry. They brought offline shopping experiences to the online world by implementing 3D models and the next-generation virtual dressing. With increased customer satisfaction and diminished environmental impact, innovation and impactful changes in the retail industry are already happening.