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The Course Restaurant Guide, A Must Have App For Foodies And Travelers

The Course Restaurant Guide, A Must Have App For Foodies And Travelers

The Course Restaurant Guide, A Must Have App For Foodies And Travelers

Enjoying a great meal at a restaurant helps to make memories for a lifetime. Just the smell of food has the power to uplift an individual’s mood and bring a smile.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a good place that serves the desired taste and environment. But randomly trying restaurants means people often have to pay their hard earned money for a potentially bad experience or at least one they don’t enjoy because they’re rolling the dice. 

This is one of the problems The Course App has solved by helping the user find more of the restaurants that match their personal preferences without as much dice rolling or trusting local critics.The app with AI technology recommends restaurants to foodies and travelers who want to save time, money and furthermore feel good after a meal.

Anyone can create a free account on Course effortlessly. What’s remarkable about this app is that users can create a “Personal Taste Profile” which has differentiated the company from others that focus on what the average customer likes (i.e., the general consensus). Because of the innovation & artificial intelligence technology, the algorithms understand users’ unique taste needs and calculate each user’s individual compatibility with restaurants and bars.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Course is looking to add to the app in the next year.

Course Club Level.


The Course App is poised to revolutionize the way people find their favorite restaurants.After visiting a recommended eatery based on personal compatibility, the user can privately rate the place.   

You can also make interactive bucket lists on Course that can be shared with friends and loved ones via text, email, social media or within the app itself.

The Course App is a personal app that a food lover must have to experience what each of them considers to be “the best” anywhere in the world. It’s like a dating app for your mouth! 

Whether you are traveling or have moved to a new place; you don’t have to spend as much time trying to find your new favorite restaurants and bars thanks to the artificial intelligence that learns all about your personal taste from your private ratings and short fun food quizzes. 

Trying new dining outlets or ordering food online is a lot less intimidating with Course Restaurant Guide. With the use of The Course App, anyone can start eating like a local and find more restaurants they’ll be happy to support. 

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