You opened your social media app, you surf, you like, you comment, you essentially do everything that the app was setup to influencer you to do. Everything seems normal until you start really paying close attention to what is actually in play. See, the feelings and mental state in which you were in prior accessing your social media account, was completely different from the state you entered to while surfing the app(s).

Most people we ask, think that there is no invisible power that makes them do what they begin doing in these social apps. They believe that every action they take, is based on a thought or a feeling themselves enforced.

But the sad truth is that everything we do was engineered by the company itself, similar to how a rabbit hole works. If you pause for a second and evaluated you’re five day social media behavior, you will notice that about 90% of your behaviors within these platforms are repetitive.

So why is being aware of these force is important?

We believe that if you understand the effect that social media can have on you, you will begin realizing how it can negativity effect you. Negative effects not in terms of time spent but how it can drastic side effects on you confidence, mental state and motivation.

Based on a study posted in Clinical Psychological Science looked into the effects and the results were alarming, It looked at social media/smartphone usage, depression and suicide death rates in more than 500,000 US students in years 8 to 12. Between 2010 and 2015, they found a 33 percent increase in the number of adolescents with high levels of depressive symptoms and 31 percent more died by suicide. The increase was driven almost exclusively by females.

There is nothing better than combating something negative with the right education and awareness, this is why we applaud what PairElite is doing here. Taking time out of their normal day to day operation and putting a chunk of it aside to help its followers get a step closer to controlling the effects of what they see and interpret the content in a more realistic way.

Do you think we should make social media and mental health conversations more frequent?
How would you change your social media habits now that you understand its potential effects?
We will leave you with these two questions to think about, and we urge you to share it with your friends and family, it may just change their life.