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Mario Maitland Disrupting The Podcast industry with What’s Next With Rio

Mario Maitland, What's Next with RIo

Mario Maitland, What's Next with RIo

In the digital environment, listening & watching have become one of the easiest ways to consume information. Dealing with day-to-day activities doesn’t give us enough time to sit and read. Getting the needed information from books takes time. The innovation with podcasts has been revolutionary and assists millions of people to get information even while multitasking. 

Enter Mario Maitland ( Rio), the host & the founder of What’s Next With Rio Podcast. His podcast series has provided excellent content and received numerous media attention. His story recently got picked by the local newspaper Kentucky Kernel and it’s on the way to getting international recognition. Mario believes for the growth of a better society, it’s essential to build a platform that shares the ideas and perspectives of top influential people. 

News and media organizations often don’t invite people who aren’t in a network or have connections. With What’s Next With Rio, Mario not only brings promising personalities but also opens up a place for all the people who are unheard & have ideas to change the world. 

Because of Mario Maitland’s astounding work, Silicon Valley Times recognizes What’s Next With Rio as the Top 100 Podcast to listen to. 

Our team reached out to Mario, to know more about him and get tips for our readers. This interview is filled with valuable information and we hope our audience will get some good insights. 

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field.

Mario Maitland: I’m from Daytona Beach, Florida. I come from a family that values hard work and ambition. Grew up with two older brothers and two wonderful parents who taught me the value of hard work. I’m currently a recent alumni of the University of Kentucky. I ended up creating this podcast because of my natural interest in podcasts. To begin with, I’m someone who watches various podcasts daily. Podcasts can do a good job of sharing information that might not be said or distributed in common news press or interviews. Podcasts distribute a lot of unknown and under the surface information that the general public might not know. That’s why I love podcasts, they’re almost like a cheat sheet that can give you more detailed educational information. I wanted to be able to use the power of a podcast to put undercover and undiscovered stories from promising individuals that the general public might not know about. I wanted to tell people’s significant stories to the world, while still inspiring the young generation. 

What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Mario Maitland: It’s this simple and it may sound cliche, but I’m a born leader. Every team I was ever on in my life, I was always the leader, the captain. I’m just not afraid to take steps on my own and go for my dreams. As I said, I believe it was passed down from my parents, but I was born with great ambition. Creating a podcast is just one of the many of my dreams. 

Mario Maitland, Founder of What’s Next with RIo

What do you think about podcasts as a business?

Mario Maitland: Podcasts are a great way for businesses to reach target audiences and create awareness about a service/product. Because of excessive similar brands, customers prefer to buy from those whom they trust. And to be able to build that relationship podcasts help the most, maybe more than other forms of marketing. 

Podcasts are a source of motivation and high-skill knowledge. When an individual marks themselves as an expert and provides continued value, the audience will be happy to buy the service that the host provides.  

Whoever is reading this interview right now, I advise them to take action and create a podcast ( If you have the passion for it). Building a successful podcast will take time but with the commitment to provide top-notch information the process can be easier. Always think of value rather than making money, this is the one idea that helped my podcast to grow and get an engaged audience. 

Thank you for your great insight on Podcasting. At last can you please tell us a little bit about your future plans?

Mario Maitland: The plan is to become one of the top podcasts. I have a bigger vision for the What’s Next With Rio podcast and will continue it for a long time. This is something I like doing and knowing that the podcast is making a global impact gives me an unexplainable satisfaction.  

Right now the audience can watch the podcast through YouTube, listen on Spotify and I also frequently add the highlights on Instagram. I am working to reach as many people as I can this year and make an impact in their lives with authentic content. 

It was great interviewing Mario Maitland ( Rio). If you have any questions feel free to reach out to him via Instagram or follow his podcast to get regular content. 

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