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Makarand Utpat: The Digital Marketing Expert & Amazon Best-Seller

Makarand Utpat: The Digital Marketing Expert & Amazon Best-Seller

Makarand Utpat: The Digital Marketing Expert & Amazon Best-Seller

For many business owners, it’s quite difficult to keep up with the new changes that are happening in the marketing world. But for a new entrepreneur having a startup, it’s crucial to follow people that are experts in marketing. A company with a great service or product is not enough at this time. One of the ways to ensure business success is by making sure that the company stands out. 

I have been following Makarand Utpat for years. His tips and strategies have helped my business to differentiate itself from others and dominate the industry. For those who haven’t heard of Makarand, he is a digital marketing practitioner, author, speaker, and business coach. He has growth-hacked 5-Figure and 6-Figure businesses and has also consulted 7-figure businesses for sustained long-term growth. 

Makarand is also an Amazon best-selling author of multiple books about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, technology, and leadership. Here are some of the things that I have learned from him over the years.

Be Different

With the internet, anyone can start an online business and sell whatever they want from any part of the world. From the book and speaking events of Makarand, he always advises individuals to find a way to be different from others. One of the strategies I have implemented from his books is building my own personal brand.

This advice from Makarand has helped me to multiply my revenue and sell my service without much hassle. 

Many people find personal branding difficult and a time-consuming strategy. But when you do it right, it’s more effective since it allows you to create your own blue ocean. There might be numerous businesses already selling the same thing that you advertise on your website. Customers don’t buy things that don’t connect with them or have great reviews. People are willing to pay more for the same service to the business that is active and promotes itself through personal branding. 

Have a mentor

Most of the successful entrepreneurs who have built a thriving business have a mentor. You see farther when you stand on the shoulders of a mentor. Many business owners make mistakes by hiring inexperienced coaches who have not gone through the thick-n-thin. There is a danger of myopic thinking and is the reason many businesses fail within a short period.

Makarand says “Experienced business coaches or mentors know how to guide with tried-and-true ideas that not only expand possibilities but also allow you to create better version of yourself and they have done it multiple times for different people. Working with those individuals who know how things are done ensures a success ratio and helps to achieve the goal faster than you ever thought possible”. 

If you are new to business, I advise you to follow these 2 essential tips of Makarand. It has helped my company and I believe it will work the same for you too. If you are serious about the business and want to learn directly from Makarand Utpat, here is the link to his coaching program: 

You can also book 30 min free session, book today:

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