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Life can feel like a heavyweight prize fight. With a high degree of certainty, you will get hit with a punch that you didn’t see coming. The most recent haymaker was the global pandemic. It hurt many people physically, mentally and financial. It especially took its toll on small businesses. Businesses either got knocked out or got up and won the fight. What separated the survivors from the casualties? How did they do it? It all came down to the pivot. This is your ability to adjust without losing hope.

In the his NEW book “F*ck It! Let’s Pivot: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Surviving and Thriving a Crisis” author Michael Siervo, shares real life stories of how businesses got hit, stood back up and turned adversity into opportunity. Part business manual, part inspirational self help and part entertainment, this book adds value to anyone reading it. Currently it sits at the #1 spot for Hot New Releases on Amazon and  #2 Best Seller for Entrepreneurship. 

Michael Siervo
Michael Siervo, Photography | Jesse Tamayo

“Change is inevitable.” Siervo says. “Whether it’s a financial crisis, a relationship breakdown, health concerns or a pandemic, life is going to hit you. Pivoting is crucial to avoid getting hit or countering a hit with one of your own. It can be as sophisticated as change in business model or something as simple as an increase in customer service. Regardless of whether you run a business or are an employee, you must be able to pivot.”

Michael Siervo saw this firsthand as his businesses racked up bills. If he didn’t change, his businesses would die.  As in the game of poker, he said “Screw it. I’m all in!”. F*ck It! Let’s Pivot is about going ALL-IN on your decision. Written during the height of COVID-19, Michael highlights how entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and go-getters pivoted from crisis to opportunity and turned a global pandemic into profit. With 17 insightful chapters ranging from the history of business pivots, the entrepreneurial mindset, becoming your own brand, the importance of social media, collaborating with local businesses, looking at your own talent pool as a resource, proven pivot strategies that work, the power of outsourcing, changing old habit, leveraging the Gig Economy and many more concepts, this book is packed with ideas that can be implemented by anyone.Siervo combines humour, anecdotes, and statistics as he shares insight from entrepreneurs. The book has received rave reviews from YouTube influencers, Olympians, celebrities and CEOs, as it strikes a chord during these challenging times.

Michael Siervo
Michael Siervo, Photography | Jesse Tamayo

“I believe everyone must have an entrepreneurial mindset. It doesn’t mean you have to own a business.” says Siervo. “But you have to see yourself as a business. Whether you like it or not, you trade time for money. You ARE the business. You are ME Incorporated. This book helps you realize that.”

What makes the book even more interactive are QR codes in every chapter. Readers can explore chapter summaries and detailed biographies of contributing authors. Unfiltered and raw, people from all walks of life including financial planners, donut shop owners, restaurateurs, charities, fitness instructors and more, share their stories in their own words. You will walk away inspired and confident that change isn’t bad. Change is just a part of becoming who you are meant to be.

“I have spent the last 2 decades in the business. Whether it was working for a large corporation, or running a side hustle to pay the bill, adapting to change was important. Although money was the original motivator, I have learned over time that being able to pivot, learn and grow in confidence was the best reward in the end. It can suck sometimes but have faith that you can pivot your way out of anything. Don’t worry. You got this.”

No stranger to success and failure he has shared his experience on hundreds of stages, podcasts and media outlets as he promotes leadership, thought leadership and positivity. Michael is a best selling author, and has been nationally recognized for his work in business and philanthropy.  To learn more about him, follow him on Facebook or Instagram @iam.michaelsiervo, read his blogs at www.michaelsiervo.com or watch his interviews on his YouTube podcast Ready, Set, RISE.

F*ck it! Let’s Pivot is available online and in bookstores all around the world. Net proceeds go towards building libraries and computer labs in less fortunate places around the world. Grab your copy of this handy, no non-sense guide to pivoting at www.amazon.com.