Alex Ladouceur Disrupting The Photography Industry

Alex Ladouceur Disrupting The Photography Industry

Photography isn’t having a camera and taking random shots. A good photograph is often valued more than wealth. The way how images express an experience, memories, feelings, emotions, and more is remarkable.

Not only for personal uses, but photography is also important in almost every industry. In business, an ideal image can bring more awareness and repeated sales. The same goes for influencers or social media users. Quality images have always been the priority of any advertising or branding branch.

Meet Alex Ladouceur, Founder of Alxla Photography. Within a short period, he has turned his passion for taking pictures into creating a thriving company. Photography is a competitive business and being able to dominate the industry is not easy work.

Some pictures are lifelong memories and helping people to own the shot, which they can present and tell stories to the upcoming generations is the highest reward. One thing that differentiates Alex and his company from others is his dedication to providing results beyond clients’ expectations. 

Within 4 years of Alxla Photography, Alex has helped numerous people and photographed celebrities and artists. Steven Aoiki and Lil Xan are just some of the clients he has worked with.

He is not only working professionally as a photographer but also educating aspiring individuals. Through his social media and numerous media outlets, Alex frequently shares tips to become successful in the photography career. 

Because of his astonishing work, Silicon Valley Times magazine named Alex Ladouceur one of the Top 50 Photographers To Follow.

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Alex Ladouceur to our media. With his advice, we hope our audience will get motivated and inspired to pursue photography. 

Hello Alex, Thank you for giving us your busy time.  Please tell our readers a little about you and your business?

Alex Ladouceur: Thank you for your invitation. I’m a professional event and street photographer from Orlando, Florida. I believe I was destined to be in the photography business because I gave up numerous careers & stumbled upon them. My journey is simple and humble. I attended several shows & events after moving to Orlando, where I captured images from my phone for my own purpose. But once I brought a camera and started comparing the qualities, I was amazed!

My excitement grew, and I invested time to learn more about photography. My love for taking pictures led me to start the company, and since then, I have helped hundreds of people bring their vision into an image. 

I never felt like working while on the shoot. When I have the camera with me, I even forget the time. I’m happy that I found something that I’m passionate about and turned it into a business.  

That’s great to hear, Alex. You have built a thriving business within a short period. Can you please advise our audience on how they can grow their business?

Alex Ladouceur: For me, I enjoy every aspect of my work & every day I’m excited about the shoot. Meeting new people, understanding their requirements, and helping them, gives me the inspiration to keep going. I believe my love for the work has been one of the strengths of my success. 

Another thing that has been a large part of Alxla Photography‘s growth is quality. My clients are recommending Alxla to their friends, which have brought continued customers. During these 4 years of experience, I have learned a lot about photography and am still making time to study more.

To the readers, I recommend never stop learning, even if you are an expert in the field. Always focus on quality and give your 100%. 

It’s extremely hard to become successful in the work that you don’t like. So, pursue the career that you love and feel connected.

Great tips, Alex. We have many business owners in our audience who might be looking for photographers at their event or show. How can they reach you?

Alex Ladouceur: The people who would like to work with me can reach out to me via Instagram: 


It was great to know more about Alex and get tips from him for our audience. If you want to know more about his work, check out his official website: