You’re Not Unphotogenic. Here’s How to Get the Best Photos for Your Online Dating Profile

Photo Credit: Rob August Photography

Anyone who has suffered through school picture day knows that not all photoshoot experiences are created equal. How is it possible that some people look so good, and others look like they just crawled out of a cave? Aside from collecting dust on your shelf, maybe your yearbook photo has only served to reinforce your belief that you’re just plain unphotogenic. 

The photographic trauma rarely improves as an adult. It only takes a few unflattering photos to convince yourself that you simply look bad in photos—and maybe in real life, too. This creates real anxiety for single people on online dating apps, especially when those photos form first impressions. 

Luckily, the professional photographers at The Match Artist know how to make everyone look good on camera, yearbook pictures be damned. By specializing in online dating app photography, they help single people get comfortable in front of the camera so they can post with confidence and pride. The Match Artist has worked with over 700 guys to help them get the matches they deserve online, and they’re expanding. They’re now working with those guys who have found love and are taking on the engagement and wedding world. 

Who Is The Match Artist? 

The Match Artist consists of a team of experienced and personable professionals who have been in your shoes, terrible yearbook pictures and dating apps included. Founders Nick Friesen and Shane White actually met their wives on dating apps. The Match Artist’s secret is that they make their clients comfortable in familiar settings, and they use facial expression coaching to help them feel expressive on camera. 

After the traumatic school photos, feeling comfortable on camera might seem implausible. However, The Match Artist team are not your yearbook photographers in the school cafeteria. Their highly skilled photographers come to you so you’re never out of your element. Over a half day session, The Match Artist starts at your home, photographing you showing off the things that make you who you are. Then, you and the photographer will take a field trip around town to get some shots outdoors or at places you frequent. The Match Artist is psyched to get creative with their locations and get to know you so you can show off your best self.

Throughout the process, The Match Artist talks you through facial expression coaching, which involves subtle movements of the facial muscles so that the camera captures your best features. Finally, they’ll help you pinpoint how  your previous photos have gone wrong. Nick Friesen says, “We have customized facial expression coaching so you can master the art of looking natural and confident in every photo you take for your dating profile and beyond.” With just a little bit of encouragement and training, The Match Artist’s clients walk into their dates more confident than ever. As a matter of fact, several former clients have found life partners because of The Match Artist, and The Match Artist wants to continue to tell their stories.

The Wedding Artist

Founder of The Match Artist, Nick Friesen, and his new wife, Allie, have created a sister company called The Wedding Artist, which tells the love stories of clients new and old in the most expressive and personalized photo experiences available. 

In addition to wedding days, The Wedding Artist also offers couples and engagement photo shoots.Like The Match Artist, the professionals at The Wedding Artist don’t restrict clients to a studio. Instead, the engagement shoots are typical dates that the couple might take like kayaking, brewery hopping, or walking by a lake. Nick Friesen describes, “Think of it like an open Saturday on your calendar where you have the day to do whatever you love—we’re just there with you capturing the moments.” The Wedding Artist understands that every couple has a distinct love story, and they want to capture it before and during the wedding so the couple can look back on the memories for years to come. 

The Wedding Artist gets to know their couples beyond just their name and credit card number so each photoshoot is unique. Nick says, “We want to know what makes you tick and customize the session in that direction. Our engagement sessions end up being more of an experience than something that you’re ‘supposed to do.’” Their goal is to tell couples’ stories in a way that captures exactly who they are.

The Wedding Artist goes above and beyond the cheesy “look at each other and smile” poses. Perhaps because founders Nick and Allie are in love themselves, they have a sixth sense when it comes to capturing perfect moments. The results are genuine, candid shots that the couple, their family, and their friends will cherish forever. “We understand the importance of your memories, and we are dedicated to capturing them in a way that will bring you back to that special day, every time you look at them,” says Nick. “We want couples to see their photos and remember exactly how they felt at that point in time.” It’s hard to trust just anyone with photographing the most important day of your life. Choose the group that helped you find confidence when you were single and can document the love between you and your partner with photos you will treasure for the rest of your life. 

The Beginning and Beyond

Gone are the days of believing you are simultaneously unlucky and unphotogenic because of an unfortunate school photo sitting on your parents’ shelf. The Match Artist and now The Wedding Artist photographers work to make you feel comfortable and help you look your best for the most important moments of your life. 

Nick and Allie Friesen have developed a model with proven results.The Match Artist and their sister company, The Wedding Artist, believe that no one is unphotogenic after they’ve had a bit of coaching.  

Reach out to The Match Artist or The Wedding Artist to replace the terrible pictures from adolescence with something you are proud to share. It could be the call that changes your life.