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Three Franchises to Watch in the Anti-Aging Space

Three Franchises to Watch in the Anti-Aging Space

Three Franchises to Watch in the Anti-Aging Space

We all reach a point in our lives where we notice our age, and the increasing quantity of it. Each birthday is both a celebration and a time to take inventory on how the body has changed from the year before. Whether the change comes gradually or in a sudden jolt of reality, realizing your body no longer works the way it used to can be discouraging. Luckily, there are groundbreaking solutions that can help you look and feel better than you have in years. 

In the anti-aging space, there are both franchises and singular businesses alike that fight the clock to help you age gracefully. Across the country, there are reputable practices working to help you look and feel the way you think you ought to. So whether you feel worn down in Arizona or hope to smooth out your skin in Florida, there is a haven for you; the trick is choosing the space to best meet your needs. 

This article examines three anti-aging wellness franchises that are changing the aging game for thousands of people across the country. Here are three franchises to consider to keep you living your best, young life. 


Liquivida, a growing health and wellness franchise with over 20 locations and a telehealth option, knows that while no one can stop the clock, it’s possible to minimize the aging process. Samael (Sam) Amaury Tejada, founder and president of Liquivida, explains that “while we can’t reverse the aging process, we can most definitely manage it so that clients have a better quality of life.” Liquivida offers a variety of customized wellness plans that use personalized and preventative blood tests to determine which treatment might be most effective for your body.  Liquivida IV drips provide the best therapeutic doses of nutrients and are safe, sterile, compliant, and free from preservatives. And unlike many other facilities, much of Liquivida’s age management plans work proactively so that clients are receiving treatment before they are discouraged by their appearance.

Instead of just browsing through treatments from a menu, Liquivida’s licensed medical professionals use detailed blood analysis to determine a client’s current level of health and what they might face in the future. Their data on each client allows Liquivida professionals to create a customized plan to treat the causes instead of just the symptoms of typical conditions that accompany aging. Liquivida’s anti-aging treatments consist of their Fountain of Youth IV therapy, microdermabrasion, microneedling, hormone replacement therapies, and injectable treatments such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, and Revanese. Most treatments can be used together or separately, and all would be performed by a medical professional or certified esthetician. 

Liquivida knows that everyone ages differently and that some people may have different aesthetic goals depending on their stage of life. To help manage each client’s aging process, they use a program called Your Vida Journey which establishes treatment plans for people throughout different stages of their lives. Shayna Tejada, a member of the Liquivida executive board notes that their customized wellness plans set them apart, “That journey is really what makes us different. We do want to be there with our clients every step of the way as they age, and there are going to be milestones that will trigger a different kind of approach.” Liquivida works to manage aging with therapies both inside and out to meet clients’ individual goals. 


Also conceived in Florida, Biostation has 11 locations and a telehealth option to receive care from home. They believe that “your health is the most valuable thing you have” and they work to defy age, replenish health, and restore beauty. While their “defying age” division mentions therapies such as diagnostic blood testing, platelet-rich plasma, and peptide therapy, Biostation places major importance on Hormone Replacement Therapy and the benefits that come with it.  

Within their “restore beauty” therapies, Biostation lists treatments such as Botox and Xeomin, dermal fillers, microneedling, Kybella (a fat melting injectable to help shape your profile), and thread, thermal, and laser procedures.  All therapies focus on smoothing wrinkles and removing flaws to help clients “capture a youthful glow.”

Biostation also offers customized health plans based on extensive blood work and client goals. Their goal is “to identify the root cause of any issues to help you heal and restore your body to its peak performance, alleviate symptoms and ultimately, reverse the effects of aging and prevent age-related diseases.”

The Laser Lounge Spa

With multiple locations in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, and Massachusetts, the Laser Lounge Spa is helping people across the country to undo the effects of aging. Founded in 2009 by a Physician’s Assistant and his wife, the Laser Lounge has been steadily scaling and expanding their treatments offered. Today, they offer treatments such as injectables, laser treatment including photorejuvenation IPL, dermaplaning, facials, microneedling, and permanent makeup. They work diligently with the skin to remove wrinkles and inspire new collagen production. 

Their website says that they are dedicated to “keeping you looking and feeling your best,  without costly surgery or lengthy downtime”, and they focus primarily on external therapies to help clients fight the aging battle. With their service solutions, they are able to target particular areas for rejuvenation and treatment. They boast of a relaxing environment for people to turn back the clock in peace. 

Time is ticking

While all are impressive establishments, Liquivida may be the best option for those seeking anti-aging therapies because of their number of locations and their focus on the client’s specific goals related to their aging journey.  Liquivida understands that age management will be successful in improving quality of life, and they preach the importance of determining the causes behind the symptoms of aging. Liquivida also offers a variety of treatments, including the highest quality of IV products on the market, and has even been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance.

Liquivida goes beyond making clients look good, but uses client-specific data to help them feel good as well. By looking and feeling younger than you have in years, your quality of life would improve considerably. No one is immune to the effects of the passing years. However, with Liquivida’s help, clients can feel confident in their age because they have customized wellness plans to meet their needs. Once again, birthdays can be exclusively for celebration. 

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