Starkiller lightsaber

Starkiller lightsaber

We watched the story of the New Republic and Luke Skywalker in the original Trilogy. Likewise, his father Anakin and the Old Republic were explained in the prequel trilogy. We see at least an 18-year gap between these events. 

Let’s talk about a person who lived in the period that happened after Old Republic’s fall and before the New Republic. His name was Starkiller, and he made an impact on the galaxy during his presence. He was a Force-sensitive person who wielded several lightsabers in different phases of his life.

So, who is Starkiller? What is his story? And what kind of lightsabers did he use? Let’s have a quick look at this essential information.


Starkiller was a Force-sensitive male who started his adventures as Darth Vader’s apprentice. His real name was Galen Marek, and he was the son of the famous Jedi Kento Marek. He was a young kid when Darth Vader found him on a planet during his Jedi hunting mission. 

Darth Vader felt the potential in this kid and took him as his apprentice. He trained Galen for years, turned him into a powerful Sith lord, and named him Starkiller. After becoming a Sith lord, Starkiller completed many difficult missions like hunting down Jedis, including Jedi master Shaak-Ti.

But, when Starkiller got involved with the Jedis and the resistance, his heart began to change. He finally went against Darth Vader and was eventually killed by Darth Sidious. You can watch his story in detail in the video game “Force Unleashed.”

We have the second part of this game in which Darth Vader resurrected Starkiller as a clone. He was one of the many clones of real Starkiller, but this one remembered everything about his real self. The journey of the clone Starkiller is also worth watching. 

Darth Starkiller Lightsaber

Starkiller used many lightsabers during his life. During his time as a Sith, Starkiller used the red lightsaber he created with a synthetic red crystal. It was a single standard lightsaber with a cylindrical hilt design. He used this red lightsaber against skilled Jedis like Rahm Kota, Kazdan Paratus, and Shaak Ti.

Juyo, the 7th lightsaber form, was Starkiller’s lightsaber form. It is a Sith’s traditional and powerful lightsabers combat form. The Jedis were forbidden to use this form because this form required the use of Dark Force. He was also skilled in Sith Shien style(a reverse grip style of Sith lords.) He used the same combat form with the blue lightsaber he wielded later in the first part of the video game. 

Galen Marek’s Lightsaber

After losing his red lightsaber, he used Raham Kota’s green lightsaber. At that time, he turned to the light side, so it made sense that he used a blue lightsaber instead of red which is considered the Sith’s color. Galen Marek’s lightsaber, originally of Rahm Kota, was a heavy-duty lightsaber. Kota used a fabric wrapping on the hilt for a better grip. Since Kota served in Clone Wars and never recovered from Order 66, his lightsaber was in bad condition. There were scratches all over the hilt.

When it became Galen Marek’s lightsaber, Galen customized the lightsaber according to his choice. He did not change the green color of the blade, though. But soon, he began to feel guilty that this lightsaber did not belong to him. So, he replaced the green crystal with a blue one. This blue crystal belonged to his father, Kento Marek, which solved the issue of his guilt. After making it blue, he finally began to connect with his lightsaber. This color turned out to be more suitable for him. He used this blue lightsaber for the rest of his story. 

Starkiller continued to use the blue lightsaber until he was killed at the hands of Emperor Palpatine. He killed Vader with this blue lightsaber but failed against Emperor in an alternate reality. This story is considered Non-canon in Star Wars Saga. No one knows what happened to Galen Marek’s lightsaber of blue blade.

Darth Killer lightsabers Force Unleashed 2

In Force Unleashed 2nd part, Darth Vader gave him two red lightsabers when he resurrected Starkiller as a clone. Starkiller stayed as his apprentice until his memories of his true self began to resurface in his mind. These memories caused him to leave his master. He took both the red lightsaber while leaving.

After remembering his past, he replaced the red crystals with two blue crystals. He changed his lightsabers to blue color because the red color was the symbol of Sith lords. In this part, Starkiller’s lightsaber form was Shien, a reverse grip style just like before. However, this time he used two lightsabers with Form 6 of the lightsaber fighting technique. After turning to the Light Side of the Force, he must have mastered the Jedi lightsaber combats. He also used Jar’Kai, A double-bladed combat style invented by the Sith. 

Galen Marek’s lightsabers and fighting skills were on a different level. According to the novelization, these lightsabers were destroyed by Darth Vader’s Force blast. However, the video game kept these two blue lightsabers safe and protected. While he left with his lover, he kept both these lightsabers to himself. He used many lightsabers in his lifetime. It would have been awesome if we get to see Starkiller using a Darksaber

Since Galen Marek traveled to an unknown place at the end, we might hopefully get to watch more of him in the future. So, let’s hope for the best.