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Shontay Lundy- Black Female Entrepreneur on Rise

Shontay Lundy- Black Female Entrepreneur on Rise

Shontay Lundy- Black Female Entrepreneur on Rise

Sunscreen is one of the most important things that every woman needs. It can help protect against skin cancer, and reduce the risk of skin damage, wrinkles, and various other skin conditions. Additionally, Sunscreen can help protect against harmful sun rays. Regular use can also prevent age-related changes from occurring.

Meet Shontay Lundy, Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen – one of the most successful women in the sunscreen market. She started her company in 2016 to help black people achieve healthy skin that will not leave a white cast on their skin.

Black Girl Sunscreen is a global brand that helps empower women of color to sunbathe without fear of skin diseases. The company’s mission is to provide people of color with accessible, cost-effective, and healthy suncare.

As there were already numerous sunscreen brands that were dominating the industry, Shontay always had confidence in her product and its benefits. Trusting her idea and product, she leaped into entrepreneurship and focused on innovative strategies to promote the brand. 

With her authentic story and product that makes real benefit, she has proven herself as a committed entrepreneur that will not give up and established the brand as one of the tops in the industry within a short period. Her story speaks for itself, telling how she has overcome obstacles and gone above and beyond to achieve success. 

Today, Black Girl Sunscreen has over $1 million tubes of sunscreen sold and counting—and it doesn’t stop there! Shontay is a champion of natural beauty and continues to work hard to make sure that every black person can enjoy beautiful skin.

She’s a beauty entrepreneur, stylist, and creative mind who has turned her life around to create amazing businesses that reflect what she stands for. She is on a mission to help black people get the perfect sunscreen that will improve complexion by keeping the skin looking young and healthy.

Her product not only makes people feel better about their skin but also brings value to their lives. 

Sunscreen should be applied liberally every day on both face and body, particularly during times of heat exposure. Sunscreen can also help protect against sunstroke and other forms of heat stroke.

Lundy is confident that her company can provide one of the best sunscreen products for people of color. She notes that it takes a lot of hard work to make sure all sunscreen products are made with the needs of color in mind. This includes designing products that are effective and safe, as well as catering to different skin types.

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