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Respectful Beats: How Steve Benedetto is changing the music industry

Respectful Beats: How Steve Benedetto is changing the music industry

Respectful Beats: How Steve Benedetto is changing the music industry

Senior citizens are a vital target for good health and well-being. They’re often forgotten, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have important contributions to make. Because of good care seniors are living longer and healthier than ever before, but they still face many challenges. Many organizations, projects, or new activities can help them make the most of their years and have quality health and various wellness resources. One of the activities that are improving seniors’ quality of life is drumming.

Meet Steve Benedetto, the founder of Respectful Beats, who has worked tirelessly to make a positive impact in the lives of seniors. With Respectful Beats, he has designed the interactive drumming workshop to promote mental and emotional health while providing seniors with exercises that will improve their physical and overall well-being.

Steve says “Drumming has a number of health benefits for seniors. For example, drumming can improve balance, coordination, and mobility. Additionally, drums can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase the flow of positive energy. In addition to providing physical activity and promoting creativity and innovation, drumming can also improve mental well-being”.

Steve is providing a more detailed understanding of the drumming beats and helping seniors connect with it on a personal level. This change is having a positive impact on the way senior care operates, by making it easier for seniors to get entertained as well as find a new hobby. 

Since Steve’s inception with Respectful Beats, he has opened up a safe space for seniors to perform together and socialize. This has given many seniors the opportunity to connect, learn new skills, and have fun.

Steve’s dedication to safety and accessibility is evident in his music, which is dedicated to providing a positive experience for everyone. His love for the elderly and their needs shows in his work, which helps make people feel comfortable and safe.

Drumming can help seniors learn new skills that will improve their health. For example, learning to play the drums may help seniors develop better hand-eye coordination and rhythm, which could lead to improved hearing and balance. In addition, drumming may also improve joint mobility and range of motion, which could lead to more flexible hips and knees.

Respectful Beats give seniors the skills to play drums and the opportunity to experience joy. The workshop will cover all shapes and styles of drums, from classical to funk. There will also be time for seniors to learn about rhythm and beat-making. Check out the official website to book an event: 

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