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Petite Maison Kids U.S. Based Brand Changing The Children’s Luxury Clothing Industry

Petite Maison Kids U.S. Based Brand Disrupting The Children's Luxury Clothing Industry

Petite Maison Kids U.S. Based Brand Disrupting The Children's Luxury Clothing Industry

Making your child feel special and comfortable in their clothing is an important aspect of keeping them happy. Quality clothes have numerous benefits for adults as well as for kids. When shopping for clothing for your children, it’s important to find the right store that understands the need, has the passion, and focuses on delivering the best quality. If you want to find luxury clothes that will fit your child’s personality and look great, a good place to start is Petite Maison Kids.

Katerina Azarova is the owner and the founder of Petite Maison Kids. The US-based children’s luxury clothing brand specializes in high-quality luxury clothes. What’s impressive about the brand is that they focus on sustainability which means that the clothes are made with natural & recycled fabrics. 

Petite Maison Kids offers some of the best children’s clothes on the market, and their collections can compete with designer brands in terms of style and sophistication, but without the hefty price tag!

Katerina says” When a child feels comfortable in their clothes, it reduces anxiety, stress and makes them feel more self-assured”.  Petite Maison Kids was founded in 2018 in NY and now has become a go-to place for parents to buy the best luxury clothes for their children. 

Many children’s clothing brands have sky-high price tags that keep people from being able to purchase the products they offer. Petite Maison Kids offers high-quality clothing made with 100% natural fibers at affordable prices ($20-$380) to make sure every parent can find clothes they love while still being able to afford them. The company also offers free shipping for orders within the US that are over $175. 

With so many different collections, the brand has covered all the needs for clothes for your little one from the size of a newborn up to the size of 8-year-old children. You can find shoes, accessories & luxury clothes of top quality that are versatile and unique at the same time.

Petite Maison Kids clothes are designed and made to meet the needs of children. The clothing is made from high-quality materials, is comfortable and stylish, and meets safety requirements. – Katerina Azarova

Katerina with her business is prioritizing making a positive impact on the community. With every order that is $400 plus, the company plants trees in different parts of the world. Furthermore, Petite Maison Kids is also active in removing plastic bottles from the oceans through various projects & collaborations. Every delivery is carbon neutral and packaging is eco friendly. 

Children are only little once. It’s important to provide them with the best, quality-conscious clothing to meet their needs and teach them about sustainability from an early age. To improve the quality of their clothing selection, choose high-quality fabrics, cutlery, and other accessories rather than fast fashion. Choose clothing that can be even passed down to generations!

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