Norks New Album Dropping On May 6

Norks New Album Dropping On May 6

Silicon Valley Times, May 6

People around the world have been in numerous difficult situations these past couple of years. One of the things that have inspired and motivated people to keep going is MUSIC.

For the people who love music, Norks is releasing his new album on Friday, May 6th, at midnight.

Based in Nazareth, Palestine, Norks has established himself as one of the rising young artists and is on a mission to make an impact around the world with his music.

For many people, music is not only entertainment, it’s one of the closest friends one could ever have. Whether the moment is emotional or happy, music connects and helps people to express their feelings from the heart. 

Norks understood the value of music and the influence it has on the community. That is why from the age of sixteen, he began to produce music. 

Inspired by the work of Kanye West and Metro Boomin’s production, Norks sees himself making great music and winning the hearts of listeners as an artist. 

His previous music “ From New York To Nazareth, Slow Down, Yeah Yeah Yeah” was loved by the global audience. 

Because of his authentic music and rise in the number of listeners, Spotify has recognized him as one of the verified artists.   

The new album “ Norks – Nicolas Cage (Official Visualizer) ft. Philly D & Bor3e | البرعي”  will include: 

  • Intro
  • Slow down ft. IANTHESAGE
  • From New York TO Nazareth FT. JAKARI THE POET & POBDDA
  • Nicolas Cage ft. Philly D & Bor3e
  • A tour into the minds
  • My ways ft. Robby
  • Outro

Listen to the album on Spotify today!