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NFTBOOKS Mainnet reaches a new milestone on February 17, 2023.

The world's first blockchain book publishing platform, NFTBOOKS, will go live on February 17, 2023.

The world's first blockchain book publishing platform, NFTBOOKS, will go live on February 17, 2023.

After more than a year of development, the world’s first blockchain book publishing platform will officially launch the mainnet version on February 17, 2023 in Sydney, Australia, marking a new major milestone in this humanity project.

At the moment, blockchain technology is helping to bring about global innovation and development. The founding team of NFTBOOKS cannot deny the remarkable changes that have occurred in this industry in recent years.

If blockchain has become a “gold mine” with numerous attractive investment opportunities for many people, NFTBOOKS sees it as a “tool” to help realise the dream of ushering in a new era of book publishing and growing reading culture in each country.

The application of blockchain technology to create the first platform that integrates publishing, reading, translating, renting, and publishing features or invest in books sets NFTBOOKS apart from traditional publishing companies.

The primary benefits of NFTBOOKS are:

NFTBOOKS has demonstrated significant growth potential as a result of its distinct vision and spirit of constantly improving its products.

You must first have the NFTBS token in order to read books on NFTBOOKS. Then, on the platform, use this token to buy or rent books. The NFTBS token was issued on Polygon by the NFTBOOKS team after being audited for security by Certik, the world’s leading blockchain security company. The token’s price will be determined by the needs of NTBOOKS readers.

As a result, not only will the platform for authors and readers benefit, but investors will as well. Mr. Allan Nguyen, CFO of NFTBOOKS, revealed:  “NFTBOOKS operates fairly. Those who share their knowledge (from books they already own) or their accumulated finance can fully own a consistent passive cash flow. NFTBOOKS can then operate in a cyclical fashion without the use of external forces.”

Mr Allan Nguyen – CFO of NFTBOOKS

The launch of the mainnet version on February 17, 2023 demonstrated NFTBOOKS’s feasibility and unrivalled long-term development potential – a project that was initially thought to be extremely difficult to build in order to compete with traditional publishers.

NFTBOOKS has now evolved into an interoperable ecosystem, providing the best value to authors and readers while resolving price and copyright issues for each book. Authors can freely publish books on the blockchain platform, which readers can access directly. At the same time, it helps to lower book prices, allowing readers to obtain copyrighted books at the lowest possible cost.Learn more about NFTBOOKS at:

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