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Luxury Older Women Seeking Young Partners on CougarD

Luxury Older Women Seeking Young Partners on CougarD

Luxury Older Women Seeking Young Partners on CougarD

At present, the number of registered members with an annual salary of more than 400K on the platform has exceeded 300,000, according to the mid-year report of CougarD, one of the top apps for older women dating. This is an astonishing number, meaning more high-quality older women are taking the initiative to date younger men or women by breaking the psychological barriers to age gap dating.

What’s more interesting is that the pursuit of love is still hot among these career-oriented millionaires and attractive singles from developed countries. Mature women from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries see themselves as people who are attracted to love or good qualities.

The name Cougar originated from a Vancouver bar in the early 21st century. The term was originally used to refer to older women who actively courted younger men in bars. At the time, it was a mocking term that seemed embarrassing. But in the last decade, many women have taken the term as a sort of badge and accolade. These high-quality single older women are called Cougars, and similar dating types of mature women who actively date hookup younger men are called Cougar Dating.

Unlike the movie theaters and zoos that we usually choose as dating destinations, according to CougarD‘s ranking of high-quality mature women’s favorite dating places, the top ones are golf courses, cafes, and homes. In further questionnaires, these Cougars expressed that they would prioritize safe, comfortable, convenient, and luxurious dating venues. That’s why they choose to use CougarD, a certified dating app which provides dating services that are far safer and more efficient than other one-night-stand apps. These older women, who have their own businesses and are financially independent, said they also wondered, “How can I streamline my time and be more efficient?” when dating. If they don’t have the time to sift through the piles of singles who are likely to be rambunctious, choosing a safe online dating app can help them find the one they want quickly, efficiently, and discreetly.

As mentioned in previous surveys, mature older female users place great importance on the safety of online dating apps. They hate scams, violence, and other harmful messages on dating apps. Every day CougarD will add more than 5,000 new users, plus a large number of active old users, this is undoubtedly a huge amount of data. CougarD has launched the most advanced AI algorithm to help users get smart recommendations and protect the safety of the community. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that CougarD currently uses a dual security protection system, an AI face recognition system and a 24-hour manual review mechanism. If the AI face recognition system detects that the user is a liar, or if the user posts a lot of false or bad information on the app, the account will be blocked immediately and never be able to enter the cougar community. A 24-hour manual review system will review accounts reported by users. If a user’s report has been created, the reported account will be blocked.

Talking with energetic young men can effectively relieve older women’s career pressure and other negative emotions in their hearts to some extent. Young dynamic singles are undoubtedly the best dates for high-quality mature women. Cougar dating is becoming something of a trend, catering to the emotional needs of young men and older women.

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