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Lancaster Sheriff’s Department Investigating a Horrible Elder Abuse Case With The Help Of InstaCare Home Health & Christine Bwogi

Lancaster, CA- Robert Hufstader, a 69 year old man from Lancaster was neglected and financially abused by his previous health aide for 4 years. Back in September 2019 around 2:15pm he was struck by a mack truck in Southern California on La brea and Melrose. He was walking with his walker crossing the street when the truck struck him and left him fighting for his life at the ICU for months.

Miraculously alive yet forever changed. The aftermath, however, stripped him of the fundamental ability to walk, Robert found himself ensnared in the intricate web of post-hospital care—a realm where the decisions of caregivers bore the weight of shaping not just his physical recovery, but the very essence of his being. It was in this vulnerability that the true test of compassion and dedication would unfold, as the choices made by those entrusted with his care would profoundly influence the trajectory of his journey toward healing.

Entrusted to the care of a caregiver, Robert’s life-altering incident became a gateway to an even darker chapter—a narrative of financial exploitation and neglect. The very essence of his well-being was violated as he found himself confined, locked in a room with the cruel denial of essential medical attention, theft and starvation, within these walls, suffering became his silent companion.

In October of 2023 Robert’s caregiver made him leave his own house and sent him to live in a senior apartment building, claiming his house is hers and hasn’t allowed him to enter his fully purchased house since then. The caregiver swindled Mr Hufstader over $50.000 in cash and is squatting in his residential house in Lancaster leaving him today struggling financially. Being that California is very particular with their “tenant” law it’s extremely hard to remove a person from your home on your own.

When Robert moved into his new apartment in October 2023 he still desperately needed caregiving, he searched for different companies and came across; InstaCare Home Health.

The extent of the abuse Robert endured became evident as InstaCare HomeHealth delved into his medical history. Neglect had taken a toll on his respiratory system, resulting in a critical heart failure, cellulitis and exacerbating his existing conditions of COPD. The contrast between the neglect he experienced and the compassionate care he now receives at InstaCare HomeHealth paints a vivid picture of the critical role caregivers play in the lives of the elderly.

InstaCare emerged as a compassionate force, with their advocacy and determination. His physical wounds were meticulously tended to of abuse that had haunted him were severed. The owner Christine Bwogi took on this case and with an unwavering commitment, Robert found not just a company but a guardian—Robert is finally under compassionate care. He is expressing how extremely safe he feels with InstaCare’s caregivers. 

“They feel like my family now, I feel like I can trust people again because of them, they are so caring about me, especially Leticia” he also states that “Christine and her company changed my life” 

We reached out to Christine Bwogi, the CEO and founder of InstaCare Home Health to hear what her take is on Robert’s case.

“Without doing a thorough evaluation on Robert’s initial intake and involving the Sheriff’s department, he probably still would’ve been abused by this person since she had access to all his bank accounts when he came into our care” she reflects. “I took matters into my own hands and made sure he gets justice. InstaCare HomeHealth is an advocate for everyone under our care, and we won’t stop until our patients are ok and free from any type of abuse.”

InstaCare HomeHealth’s commitment goes beyond individual cases. Christine Bwogi and her team, working tirelessly with law enforcement and attorneys, emphasizes the company’s determination to ensure justice. “InstaCare does not take this lightly at all. I don’t play when it comes to my patients,” declares Christine, underscoring the gravity with which elder abuse is addressed under her leadership.

Elder abuse is covered under California Penal Code Section 368, providing special protections for victims aged 65 or older. Recognizing the surge in senior abuse cases, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has established a dedicated elder abuse unit, signaling a collective commitment to combating this pervasive issue.

In an exclusive interview with Christine, she shares her perspective on Robert’s case, stating, “It’s all extremely sad and one of the reasons I even started my company. Elder abuse is something we don’t tolerate, and all I can say is, for your sake as an abuser, let’s hope your victim doesn’t end up in our care, because we will work day and night to make sure our patients are free from any type of abuse and you will have to face your consequences.” 

Interviewer: In your experience, what steps can families take to prevent elder abuse and ensure the safety of their loved ones under the care of professionals?

– Always do a background check on the caregivers you are hiring, if you are hiring through a company ask for a copy of their background clearance. Don’t put all your “responsibilities” and trust on the caregiver or the company you hired, make sure you check in with your loved one often and check in with their doctors that they have been seen by them. And what I ask from almost all my families I work with; install a camera in their home! Many may feel it’s invading their privacy, but if your loved one is in need of full on care then a camera will definitely be a way to ensure safety for your loved one! Better safe than sorry. 

As the saga of InstaCare HomeHealth and Christine Bwogi unfolds, it becomes evident that this is more than a business—it’s a mission. A mission to shield the elderly from the shadows of abuse, a mission to ensure that every patient receives not just home care but also the dignity and respect they deserve.

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