Katya Stec and Tatiana Stec Creating A New Movement Through All Ages of Geek

Katya Stec and Tatiana Stec Creating A New Movement Through All Ages of Geek

There are many people who identify as geeky, and it’s not a bad thing. In fact, to some people, the geek is just another aspect of their culture. Whether they’re into gaming or following their favorite TV shows, the geek is a part of most people’s lives. 

Geek is the umbrella term for all activities and cultures that focus on geekery or the love of technology. This might include activities such as playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, listening to music, and more. 

One of the companies that are producing great content and taking the name of geek culture to the next level is All Ages of Geek, run by the two sisters Katya Stec (Founder) and Tatiana Stec (Co-Founder) – geek enthusiasts and passionate entrepreneurs; always looking for new and innovative ways to make geek culture more accessible and fun for everyone! 

With over 26.5 Million views and 142K subscribers on YouTube, All Ages of Geek has become one of the go-to channels for all the geek things and reactions to media. Many people think that Geek culture is just for kids, but that’s not the case at all. All Ages of Geek provides a wide variety of content for all ages, so everyone can enjoy it. This includes reaction videos, articles, reviews, tutorials, and shows that are appropriate for any age group.

All Ages of Geek was first run by Katya Stec as a solo gaming channel called Miscat Squad. From there she extended the company with sister Tatiana to create interactive content for anyone who needs a friend to enjoy geek culture media together.

The vision of the Stec sisters is bigger and they are not stopping soon. They have announced that they are making All Ages of Geek more of an independent production studio for original programming on their YouTube channel to create their very own web series, called “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” and ” Married A Monster On A Hill”. Along with that, they are also working on Stec Studio.

Galaxy Boy Delivery

Galaxy Boy Delivery is a weekly VTuber Web-Series

In order to solve the galaxy’s problems, VTubers Stilo and Korl come to All Ages of Geek‘s website and YouTube Channel, produced by Stec Studio for ages 12 and up. They are interactive and educational, so you can be sure that you will enjoy watching them. There will be a variety of educational printables available for Galaxy Boy Delivery for parents and teachers. Some of these include things like lesson plans, activities, and games.

I Married A Monster On A Hill ( Upcoming WEBTOON comic)

It’s a six-panel comic every week with a warmhearted, wholesome feel. Characters Bevvy and August inspire a love journey, enjoying married life in the forest and living a perfectly normal life even though there is a huge difference in their character and who they really are. August is a monster and Bevvy is their knight. It’s a beautiful love story and motivation series that inspires viewers to see the heart of living beings and show the real power of love. Voiceovers will be included, the comic will live on WEBTOON and the dubbed version will be on All Ages of Geek‘s YouTube Channel.

This trend of young people who are passionate about technology and geek things is causing a revolution in the arts and entertainment world. Many artists, entertainers, and filmmakers are starting to see the light and become more involved in the geek culture.

All Ages of Geek provides a safe and fun space for all Geeky people. Whether you’re a young and growing geek, or just curious about the world of geek culture, they have content that will entertain and educate the viewers.

The platform allows users to connect with other geeks around the world to share their favorite geeky topics, watch trailers or shows, or find out about events around the geek world. Going from a simple YouTube gaming channel to All Ages of Geek, LLC was possible because of the creative, authentic, hard work of the Stec sisters and the support of viewers through Patreon. 

Patrons give the brand the flexibility and freedom to create how they and their audience see fit. This allows the brand to tailor their shows and communicate with their fan base in a way that is both personal and informative.

Geek Culture is growing and developing rapidly, and there is a lot of potential for it to grow even further. If you are interested in joining the community and becoming part of this new culture, there are a number of ways to do so. If you’re looking to be a part of the latest and greatest in geek culture, then All Ages of Geek is the perfect place for you.