Dr. Seth Dobrin: Pioneering the Future of Generative AI 

Dr. Seth Dobrin: Pioneering the Future of Generative AI 

In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, one individual stands out as a trailblazer, shaping the course of this groundbreaking technology and its widespread applications. Dr. Seth Dobrin’s illustrious career in the sciences and technology has paved the way for his influential role in the field of AI. From his early days in life sciences to his current ventures in AI entrepreneurship, Dr. Dobrin’s journey has been marked by dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of advancing the boundaries of AI for the betterment of society.

Education and Early Career:

Dr. Dobrin earned his Bachelor of Science degree and Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where his academic pursuits were focused on unraveling the mysteries of genetics and genomics. Armed with scientific training and a passion for research, he embarked on a career that would take him to some of the most influential companies and institutions in the industry.

His early career saw him at Motorola Phoenix Corporate Research Labs, where he played a pivotal role as the first-ever biologist employed by the company. Dr. Dobrin’s primary responsibility was to develop lab-on-a-chip assays for the efficient detection of DNA, RNA, and proteins. This early exposure to cutting-edge technology and problem-solving in the life sciences laid the groundwork for his future contributions to AI.

Advancing AI and Data Leveraging:

As Dr. Dobrin’s career progressed, he transitioned from being a genetics-first researcher to a leader with a keen focus on leveraging data efficiently on a global scale. His journey led him to join Monsanto in October 2006, a global corporation renowned for its innovations in agriculture. In his role as the global applied genotyping labs lead, Dr. Dobrin played a pivotal role in generating billions of dollars of value by optimizing the daily operations of high-throughput genotyping labs and developing advanced IT systems for automation.

At Monsanto, Dr. Dobrin’s achievements didn’t go unnoticed, and he was entrusted with additional leadership roles within the company. His contributions expanded to encompass the realm of digital strategies, where he led initiatives to harness data for strategic decision-making. This transition showcased his ability to adapt and excel in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Pioneering AI at IBM:

With the increased adoption of AI and its growing impact on diverse industries, Dr. Dobrin recognized the transformative potential of this technology. His vast experience in leveraging data and innovative thinking made him a natural fit for the rapidly emerging field of AI. He joined IBM, a leading force in AI research and applications, and quickly rose to become the company’s Vice President of AI Strategy and Global Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

During his tenure at IBM, Dr. Dobrin played a crucial role in establishing an AI innovation team, providing early access to cutting-edge AI research powered by IBM Watson. His visionary leadership and strategic insights further solidified IBM’s position as a driving force in the AI landscape.

Dr. Seth Dobrin: Pioneering the Future of Generative AI 
Dr. Seth Dobrin

Entrepreneurship in AI:

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to have a direct impact on the AI space, Dr. Dobrin made the difficult decision to leave IBM. Embracing his role as an AI entrepreneur, he founded Qantm AI, a global, Dubai-based company that leverages his AI expertise to provide innovative solutions to clients. As the CEO of Qantm AI, Dr. Dobrin is actively involved in creating practical applications for AI across various domains.

Additionally, Dr. Dobrin served as the CEO of Trustwise, a stealth startup focused on implementing AI safely within the enterprise space. His ventures reflect his commitment to advancing AI responsibly and ethically, ensuring that the potential risks associated with this technology are mitigated.

Impact and Advocacy:

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Dobrin continues to advocate for responsible AI adoption and governance. His involvement on the AI Advisory Board of CompTIA and the AI Governance Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals demonstrates his dedication to shaping AI policies and standards.

Dr. Dobrin’s vision for the future of AI emphasizes the importance of balance between innovation and regulation. He recognizes the acceleration of AI adoption, especially in light of global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, but also emphasizes the need for an “FDA for AI” to establish essential guardrails as the technology continues to evolve.


Dr. Seth Dobrin’s journey from the sciences to AI entrepreneurship exemplifies a remarkable blend of expertise, passion, and visionary thinking. His education and early career in life sciences laid the foundation for his impactful contributions to AI, where he has pioneered AI adoption at global corporations, advanced AI research at IBM, and now leads innovative AI ventures.

As an AI entrepreneur, Dr. Dobrin remains at the forefront of the safe development Generative AI’s, using his extensive experience and knowledge to create a better, more fulfilling world powered by AI. His dedication to trusted AI practices and advocacy for AI assurance ensures that the technology’s potential is harnessed for the greater good, positively impacting society and shaping the future of AI for generations to come.