Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, The Man Behind The Success Of Athanasian Hall Cambridge Limited

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, The Man Behind The Success Of Athanasian Hall Cambridge Limited

In today’s generation, there is an utmost need for a platform for sharing brilliant ideas and expertise. Humans have the potential to accomplish things that are beyond imagination. And to achieve extraordinary things, people need guidance from professionals & resource individuals. 

Enter Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, who established Athanasian Hall in 2020 with colleagues to recruit top talents in mathematics from around the world. Today,  Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited has become the world’s largest and most influential think-tank for research in the classical Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and Music).

Dr.Kenigson is a mathematician and researcher. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Sofia & completed his postdoctoral studies in the mathematics of Black Holes. He is always working on several projects to enhance the quality of experiments and studies. 

Because of his astonishing work, his story and work have been shared by numerous international media publications like Yahoo, NY Weekly, London Journal, Influencive, and many more.

Silicon Valley Times magazine named Dr. Jonathan Kenigson as one of the Top 10 Influential Scholars of the Quadrivium

During his studies and career, Dr. Kenigson quickly realized the importance of a pure research institute. Often many of the organizations or committees are money originated, and some of the others focus on religious themes.

Reasoned philanthropy” is the vision of Dr. Kenigson for Athanasian Hall. Excellent work is the priority of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited. The Hall is more selective than many ivy-league institutions. Fewer than 1% of university mathematicians worldwide qualify for the fellowship. Areas of excellence in modern adaptations of the Quadrivium include manifold theory, number theory, differential geometry, QFT (Quantum Field Theory), and the mathematical structure of black holes.

The Athanasian Fellowship in Natural Philosophy provides financial support for scholars to study philosophy, economics, politics, and non-mathematical topics at the University of Oxford or any other center of humanities excellence in the UK.  

Dr. Kenigson is making an impact in the world with Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited. He has been an excellent inspiration for individuals who are thinking of pursuing Quadrivium as a career.