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Brian Fitzgibbons Joins Panel of Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Where’s Sydney West?

Sydney West

Photo Credit: West Family

Fitzgibbons, a missing person specialist for USPA Nationwide Security joined Nancy Grace today to discuss the mystery disappearance of Sydney West, last seen on the Golden Gate Bridge in 2020. 

San Francisco – Brian Fitzgibbons, Director of Security at USPA Nationwide Security, has joined the panel of Crime Stories with Nancy Grace to discuss the disappearance of Sydney West. The 19-year-old college student went missing on September 30, 2020, and the case has garnered national attention.

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace is a true crime show that airs on the SiriusXM Triumph channel. The show covers high-profile cases and features expert analysis from a panel of legal and law enforcement professionals.

Fitzgibbons brings his extensive security expertise to the panel. He is the Director of Security for USPA, Team Leader for their Kingsman (kidnap recovery and missing persons units), an Iraq War Veteran and operational manager of Project Exodus (performing evacuations in Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal in 2021). He has led numerous successful missing persons investigations and managed VIP security services for high-profile individuals and organizations such as Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna and Google, to name a few. 

“I’m honored to join the panel of Crime Stories with Nancy Grace to help shed light on the disappearance of Sydney West,” said Fitzgibbons. “I understand the importance of a thorough investigation and the need for the public’s help in solving cases like this.”

Fitzgibbons and the panel discussed the latest developments in the case and provided insight into the investigation. Listeners can tune in to Crime Stories with Nancy Grace to hear the discussion.

About USPA Nationwide Security

USPA Nationwide Security is a woman-owned security business that is philanthropically driven and promotes sustainable energy. They have performed over 1 million hours of service since 2005, led by a team of former Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and retired police officers. USPA Nationwide Security is committed to making a positive impact on the community by giving back and supporting sustainable energy. Their service line includes VIP security, armed security officers, technical surveillance countermeasures, bodyguards, VIP event security protection. Their Kingsman division performs kidnap recovery, missing women and children’s cases and witness protection. 

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