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ArtVersion: Building User-Centered Products for the Top Brands

ArtVersion: Building User-Centered Products for the Top Brands

ArtVersion: Building User-Centered Products for the Top Brands

Product design is all about making things work for people. It’s the heart of the product, and it’s where the focus should be on designing products that are easy, beautiful, and satisfying to use. But human-centered design isn’t just about making things look good or feel great; it’s about getting people to actually use the products. The user experience should make people happy and help them achieve their goals. And that starts with understanding the audience for the brand. 

Meet ArtVersion (founded in 1999), a Chicago-based design agency. They use their experience in the user-centric product space to design digital products that are easy to use, engaging, and brand-specific for companies of all sizes. The ArtVersion team is passionate about their work and has a shared vision for the future of brands. They are able to use their skills and knowledge to create influential design & strategy executions that help businesses grow.

ArtVersion has also been praised for its ability to create sleek and efficient designs. Many leading brands have cited the company’s work as one of the best in the industry.

Human-centered design is the approach to product design that emphasizes the needs and preferences of humans as the primary focus. This means that product designers take into account what people want and need in order to create digital products that are both user-friendly and satisfying.

The ArtVersion team believes that human-centered design is essential to achieving company goals. Their approach emphasizes the importance of collaboration between designers, developers, and users to create innovative solutions that improve the user experience. By understanding customers’ individual needs, human-centered design can help increase customer satisfaction rates. This leads to more efficient and pleasurable use for users, which in turn leads to increased sales and revenue.

Additionally, by taking into account the preferences of users, human-centered design can lead to less time needed for product development overall. This saves money on development costs while also resulting in a more consistent quality product throughout its lifespan.

ArtVersion has an impressive client list, including Hilton, Caterpillar, TransUnion, PepsiCo, Morgan Stanley, Toyota, Realtor®, and Volvo. The team was also recognized with two gold and one silver w3 Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The firm’s focus on creating unique, innovative solutions to complex problems has resulted in them being one of the top-rated creative agencies.

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