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5 Ways to Earn with DeFi in 2022

5 Ways to Earn with DeFi in 2022

5 Ways to Earn with DeFi in 2022

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is quickly becoming the favored profit method for many crypto enthusiasts. After all, DeFi represents profit methods unlike anything available in centralized finance (CeFi), such as enhanced yield via crypto staking or derivatives options on tokens, old and new.

That said, DeFi isn’t an easy avenue for most crypto investors. Getting involved in DeFi often requires multiple wallets, token swaps, fees, and other steps that simply get in the way and stop users from expanding into the decentralized space. understands this struggle and is a platform looking to unify the CeFi and DeFi spaces. Within the platform, users have access to all the benefits of both CeFi and DeFi via one simplified user interface. This way, even those new to the crypto space can experience the unique benefits offered by DeFi. To assist those entering the space, we’ve listed five ways to earn with DeFi in 2022 — all ways that will be possible within the this year.

1. Staking and Yield Farming Aggregator’s staking and yield farming aggregator provides simplified access to most available crypto protocols within the app. Such an offering enables users to maximize their profits made on yield farming and staking while also earning additional APY via the app’s intelligent wealth management service, which is incentivized additionally via CHO tokens.

2.Crypto Price Insurance

The value of crypto protocols varies daily. Sometimes that volatility favors a user, and other times not. If a user’s holdings in the platform fall drastically, they can rest assured that insurance policies will help cover the loss.

Such policies cover complex financial instruments like options, which are difficult for everyday users to understand. will provide convenient, option-based services which allow users to hedge their assets against falling below a certain price level.

3. DeFi Launchpad’s DeFi Launchpad is a fully fleshed-out decentralized service for developers to launch new tokens and manage distribution. It also provides equal opportunity for all users to invest in DeFi projects — options that are typically only available to venture capitalists and institutional investors.

4. DeFi Derivatives

CHO-based DeFi derivatives provide users with various ways to profit via advanced trading strategies and enhanced risk management. Other advantages also include additional transparency when compared to traditional derivatives, lower custodial risks, and revenue distribution in the form of rewards. Derivatives include but are not limited to crypto options, futures, and swaps.

5. DEX Aggregator

While will serve as a prime space for DeFi developers to launch their projects, they’ll undoubtedly expand to list tokens on various DEXs around the crypto space. As will also serve as many users’ first foray into DeFi, they’ll experience cross-chain swaps and all sorts of DeFi-centric processes.

To assist in that experience, offers a DEX Aggregator built with complex algorithms that generate the very best prices when it comes to orders, swaps, and more. By aggregating prices from DEXs all over, users are always provided the best prices and lowest slippage. Aggregators also ensure each token has the highest possible liquidity, meaning users won’t have to browse various DEXs to find the best platform to make a swap. The work is done for them within the platform, available via a simplified interface.

About is the world’s first crypto service to combine the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (MetaFi) into one system. Based on Crypterium’s CeFi solutions and the Charism DeFi protocol, offers all of the benefits of DeFi without its complexity via one easy-to-use interface. team contact

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