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10X Crypto Guarantee, Launches To Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption

10X Crypto Guarantee, Launches To Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption

10X Crypto Guarantee, Launches To Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption

10X Crypto Guarantee,launches to boost cryptocurrency adoption.
New initiatives to boost the uptake of cryptocurrency from the early adopters,to become a mainstream form of payments, have been needed for some time. Now a new concept that’s launching, by some Cryptocurrency companies aims to do just that.

It’s called the 10X Crypto Guarantee.

It offers crypto buyers of select cryptocurrencies,to be able to pay an additional fee, of approximately 6.95% on top of their minimum crypto purchase( as low as $1000 USD purchase on some cryptos ) to have a written guarantee that if the crypto they purchase doesn’t 10X within a certain time frame, they can have it bought back at the initial price paid.

This makes it incredibly attractive for buyers to potentially profit, and if not to at least get 100% of their capital back.

The time period varies ,but one such crypto currency that is offering a 10X Crypto Guarantee, called,offers a 10X period of 36 months, or they’ll guarantee a buyback at 100% of the purchase price.

Some may ask why,and how can some cryptocurrency companies provide such a guarantee.

Firstly they can do it by having access to parcels of cryptocurrency from Private Placements, at heavily discounted prices,to the current market price , thus increasing the likelihood of 10X of the price,for buyers.

Second, They can profit from the “ float”,often by investing funds into 100% asset back stable coins.

Some stablecoins are offering 10% pa returns for Staking for 12 months,or longer, such as a new Tether in BRICSTether, ( ),an alternative to the USDTether. BRICSTether recently launched an and and soon larger exchange

Therefore it offers a unique, way for crypto enthusiasts to purchase cryptocurrency,to make large 10X returns, but if that doesn’t eventuate, to have the peace of mind,to have a 100% buyback of their cryptocurrency purchase within a certain time frame, for example of 36 months, for a fee of 6.95% .

Will this become more widely adopted, is yet to be seen, but it could help in a wider scale adoption by more conservative buyers. Many who have not bought crypto due to its high price volatility.

Many experts are now saying Cryptocurrencies are at the start of a new bull run, with Bitcoin expected to rise to $100,000 USD within the next 12-18 months. It’s risen 65% this year alone.

With new initiatives,such as 10X guarantees, a investment banking type idea, it may see a new type of investor dip their toes into Cryptocurrency for the first time.

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